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This wiki is for the documentation, discussion and development of CVRank, the algorithm behind projects like CVRank XML Namespace for portable resumes, or the CVRanking Resume plugin for Elgg. It is kindly hosted and supported by Academia Biblos.

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In 2010, during the European and Spanish debt crisis, we began to receive too many resumes at Academia Biblos. We weren't able to efficiently classify the candidates anymore. We had then the idea of developing some sort of scale ("baremo" in Spanish). Because static scales are difficult to maintain and modify, and - almost like relying on intuition - lack objectivity, we wanted to use a well-based algorithm that gave us candidates distributed along a mathematical function. Eventually, we learned about the Item Response Theory models (see CVRank algorithm for more on this).

While we had tested the CVRank algorithm with privately held resumes, we wanted our new tool to be available to the public. After writing the essentials in detail, we wrote and filed the provisional application for the patent of a "computer-implemented method" in the US. Even though software patents are controversial (to say the least), expensive, and usually not cost-effective, reasons for filing a provisional application in the US were twofold:

  • First: if we created a start-up, we would file a patent, as we didn't want well-established companies to copy it and easily oust us from the US market, if the algorithm became popular.
  • Second: if we decided to work with it as an open source project, we didn't want any company to be able to (easily) patent the method or anything related to it. A provisional is a proof that the CVRank algorithm is not "new technology" anymore.

Eventually, we decided that our objective should be to develop an open standard, and that - like the W3C - we would concentrate on discussion and guidelines concerning CVRank. For us the decision a priori - without further information as to whether the algorithm would be accepted or used -, was either to try to be another Klout, working with an undisclosed algorithm, working under the framework of a company, and mainly for the US market; or to try to create an international, transparent, and reliable project, in the hope that a supporting community would emerge. We chose the latter, for which we have already some experience.

We needed to create a software package that could allow an out of the box installation, since CVRank was conceived as a tool for any interested user (job recruiter, human resources), whether they are expert sysadmins or not, whether they work online or offline, or whether they want to use private or open databases.

A social engine seemed thus the best approach. Because of the developer community available at Elgg, we deemed it the most rational decision to begin working with its plugin system, to add the CVRank functionality into a CVRanking package. We test it at CVRanking's site

What is is a collaborative wiki to work on CVRank-related projects. has different topics:

  • CVRank algorithm will be the front door to comprehensive dicussion and development of the CVRank algorithm .
  • CVRank XML Namespace will be the front door to comprehensive CVRank XML Namespace discussion and development .
  • Manual:contents will be the front door to comprehensive CVRank algorithm and XML Namespace documentation.
  • CVRanking will be the front door to comprehensive Elgg's CVRanking Resume plugin documentation.
  • Help:Contents will be the front door to generic site user help.

This site includes descriptions of and tutorials for the CVRank-related software.

Even though there are some pages in other languages, English is the main language on this site. Translation efforts are needed.

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CVRank stands for "Curriculum Vitae Rank", and is pronounced Cee Vee Rank.

The CVRank logo is explained as:

  • CVR in capital letters, for the name and abbreviation of the function, CVR().
  • The parentheses () as the function sign.
  • The Rubik's Cube, because of the division of achievements (and their ability equivalents) into an apparent puzzle that we can nevertheless solve using a mathematical, rational and objective approach.
  • The slogan used for CVRank is "keep it rational".


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