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There are several ways to get in contact with us or with other CVRank users, or to get instant help. The recommended options are listed below.

Google Group

CVRank Google Group is used as our forum for algorithm, XML Namespace and software discussion.

  • Please read all related pages and documentation before discussing or asking.
  • If you have a problem (with CVRanking Resume plugin, for example), state it clearly and in detail, and wait for a response.
  • Expect to wait for some time for an initial response. Despite this, out of courtesy for the volunteer who is helping you, try to answer their questions promptly.

If you don't get an answer, this could mean one of a number of things:

  • You're asking a question which nobody knows the answer to, or which requires a lot of work to answer.
  • You're asking a question which is in the CVRank website: hopefully soon in the links FAQ, the help, the manual, or other documentation, and the volunteers feel it would be best if you found it yourself.


We have an official Twitter account.

Instant communication

  • Right now, we don't have any instant messaging channel.
  • You could contact us directly by mail at, but this is not recommended for most users, and questions about problems with software - whose answer could benefit other users - will not be answered.